Hola amigos y familia

You may be wondering what happened to me after I returned to the United States. Last you heard, I was busying around back home, having a root canal, and spending time with friends and family. That was over two months ago. Since then, as you might imagine, a lot has happened.

For the remainder of May and nearly all of June, I spent most of my days just relaxing at home. I tried to find a job and filled out a lot of applications, and I even had a couple of interviews, but no one wanted to hire someone who would only be available for a limited time. The only thing that really happened during that time was summer youth camp at Antioch House of Prayer in Abingdon, VA, during the last full week of June.

On June 29th, I moved into a house in Clinton with a friend in order to take a summer class this month at MC. I’m taking Elementary Spanish II, the second half of first year Spanish, so I can take second year Spanish next year and be finished with my foreign language core requirement before my senior year. I’m hoping to be completely finished with core classes before I’m a senior.

Taking a single class isn’t the only thing I’m doing this month. I’m also working on campus in Computer Services and the Writing Center. I’m spending most of my free time knitting and watching TV with my new roommate. I’m also visiting different churches in and around Clinton and thinking about opening an Etsy store to sell some of my old clothes.

I’ve almost been back as long as I was gone, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Summer has been passing so quickly. In just over a month, fall semester will begin, and I’ll be back in the old swing of things. In a way it doesn’t quite feel right anymore. I’m not sure if London did it to me or if this happens to most college students when they’re about halfway through with their degree, but I’m starting to feel like I’m ready to move on.

Freshman year, I thought I would never want to graduate and would be sad when the time came, but I’ve still got two years left and I’m already excited about moving to the next stage of my life. Maybe it’s because of some unexpected changes in my life, or maybe it’s because of changes in me. In any case, for the first time in my life, I’m really excited about fully stepping into my adult life in a couple of years.



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